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Birth, baby growth & development and parenting with Midwife, Maternal and Child Health Nurse Belinda.

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Sleeping and Settling with Registered Nurse and Sleep Consultant Deb ……………………………….

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Colic, reflux and uncontrolled crying and unsettled babies with Pharmacist Gai.

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Anxiety, stress and postnatal depression with Psychologist and Educator Merryn.

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As a Mum, we know you only want the best for your child, you wouldn’t trust the health of your family to just anyone? TBMC is a trusted source of videos and information from Child Health Professionals dedicated to providing the right advice for you and your family.

We cover real topics with real solutions.

  • Stress and anxiety of new parenthood

  • Recognising the signs of post-natal depression & solutions

  • Sleep solutions, and the power of lullaby and routine

  • Expert advice on toddler and baby sleep challenges

  • Recognise reflux and colic and solutions to relieving the pain

  • The important role of probiotics in colic and mastitis

  • Essential nursery equipment – what do you really need?

  • Natural pain relief options in labour

  • Tracking your baby’s development and growth

  • The best way to play with your baby

  • When and how to introduce solid foods and cow’s milk

  • Dealing with food allergies

  • PLUS much more


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