Gai Williams

Gai is a community pharmacist with a passion for helping mums with newborn babies who are suffering the debilitating effects of colic and reflux. She is also the author of “No More Tears Colic Relief” – a practical guide to help parents through their colic journey.

Statistics reveal that 40% of newborns will suffer from colic and this percentage rises to 70% after a Caesarian birth.  For many years the lack of research and suitable treatments has left parents with nowhere to turn with their unsettled babies.  Babies in pain and exhausted sleep deprived mums just had to battle through.

After 20 years of advising new mums, Gai is determined to continue to help theses struggling families and, together with her business partner, Greg, she has established Willby’s Wind and Colic- a business dedicated to offering advice and treatment solutions for colic and reflux.

She knows how desperate mums become when their babies are in pain and this is a condition that affects the whole family as no-one is sleeping!

Gai is excited to be part of  The Better Mums Compass where she and the other experts offer years of knowledge and experience in a community hub where parents can get the answers and support they need to feel confident and relaxed raising our next generation.

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