Supporting you through
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Whether it’s your first time or the fourth time!
It’s exciting & scary being a parent.

We get it, as Mums ourselves, we know that roller-coaster feeling of being a Mum.
Not only caring for this new little being that you have nurtured and brought into this world
but also needing to have all the answers when things aren’t going right, it’s a tough job, a lonely job,
and one that can send some mum’s into deep despair and depression.
My baby didn’t come with a manual”

In times like these we turn to medical professionals for advice, sometimes from fear, most of time from the unknown and not having the answers. And sometimes, the little things, those questions we ask seem so silly at the time, but you have no one to turn to.

“It’s ok, all babies do that, it’s natural”

So many Mums hear this and then all is good in the world again, the anxiety, the fear, the unknown, the stress all wrapped up in that one sentence.
Imagine if there was an easy way for you to have:

  • More control of that knowledge?
  • More confidence as a parent to make the right calls
  • More support to increase your own knowledge?

“I just want to be the best mum I can be”
TBMC was created to help mum’s be their best, empower them with knowledge, and feel more confident with their child. By providing a professional network of child health professionals, who are also mum’s themselves, we not only understand your pain and challenges, but have the right solutions to get you through them.

“I just have a few questions..”

We know that pregnancy, birth and beyond, will raise A LOT of questions, and that’s perfectly natural, because there are going to be quite a few changes and challenges, but the answers you need are not great from Dr Google. Would you trust some unknown online source or maybe not even qualified person to answer some of the most important questions of your life?

TBMC has a team of qualified Child Health Professionals that have the right answers:

  • Solutions to issues that worry you the most, such as:
    • Crying and unsettled behavior
    • Is my baby in pain?
    • How can I gently settle my baby and create good sleeping habits?
    • How can I lower my stress??
    • Is my babies growth and development right?
    • How do I plan for pregnancy?

“All the right answers, from the right people”

  • Videos by the experts on your most common baby and parenting concerns.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions regarding baby behavior and parenting issues.
  • Monthly newsletters on current topics

You only want the best advice and support for you and your baby

JOIN TODAY US TODAY – $97 for 365 days of professional support
(less than 30 cents a day for access to Qualified Child Health Professionals)

JOIN TODAY US TODAY – 4 X payments of $25 over 3 months
For 365 days of professional support

Remember you can consult one-to-one with our experts at your convenience.

* Extended conversations may require an in depth fee-for-service consultation.